Decor for Less

By Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Now in these situations shops like Kmart become your best friend. Interior decorating on a budget is hard and I know all about it. If you take the time to look around and research online for the cheapest options for things, you are absolutely bound to find something you like. I am also a lover of the word 'reuse' if i can use something for something else then it'll happen haha, I little DIY to spruce things up or change their appearance is a tip I can give you all. I like to collect different types of posters from magazines and of late I have really been loving the posters that feature monthly in Frankie Magazine. I even went as far as buying the subscription. This way, every month I can change out the poster that I have placed in a super cheap gold frame I found at a market for something a little different. Another way that I used to keep decorating cheap was to find plants from outside and use them indoors. Firstly I found some twigs that I wiped down and placed in a cute little jar, along with some other plants that I received in a bouquet of flowers, I noticed that they had dried out without wilting so I also placed them in a jar next to the twigs to add an earthy vibe within the decor.

Poster - Typo: around $20
Jar 1 - Bottle from a cafe: $6
Jar 2 - From small decor shop: $3

Lamp - Kmart: $20
Candle - Outlet Homewares and Furniture: $11
Pot - Ikea: around $6
Fake plant - Ikea: around $6 
Notebook - Typo: around $6 for 3

Magazine - Frankie Magazine: $10.50 
Frame - Kmart: $3
Tall Jar - Small decor shop: $3
Fake Flowers - Carrara Markets: unknown price
Small Plant - Kmart: $15 for 3