70's/Disco Inspired Outfit

By Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hello all. I recently went to my best friend's 18th birthday party which was themed. Just an overall dress up idea, everyone came as whatever they pleased. I decided to create a costume of my own from different items rather then to buy a full costume. My choice in outfit ended up being very 70's/disco inspired. My first buy was this straight cut dress from boohoo.com that was only $20. It was very vibrant, with a swirl/floral pattern that covered the entirety of the dress, excluding the collar which is white and if I do say, my favourite part.

I paired the dress with these white platform shoes from Windsor Smith. They were originally $159 but I managed to grab them for only $25! in an outlet store, YAY. I thought that the shoes were very disco like with the platform and chunky heel and the gold buckle added a little bit of class which I loved. It also matched the white collar of the dress. I didn't wear any other accessories as I like simplicity however I did wear a bold eyeliner look as that was very popular in this era. 

It really is quite easy, if you look around, to find outfits for costume parties that you can get extra use out of and that are really worth the money :)

J.R xo