A Few Favourites from January

By Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Yes I know it's already a few days into February but I thought I'd still talk about some of my favourite items I had throughout last month. This is a collection of random items, makeup and skincare that I have been absolutely loving recently! I do change what I like quite regularly so this may become an often post. Some of these items though I have actually had for a while and after they slowly found their way into the back of my cupboard I have recently brought them back out and I instantly fell back in love. One item or well 'items' that I have been loving are these little homemade polaroids (as seen below). I made these myself from a stencil that I bought from Kmart. It came in a pack of 12, with 6 small and 6 large stencils and only cost $2 - gotta love Kmart. I have the large pictures hanging up across my dressing table and the smaller ones sit on top of a set of notebooks on my desk. 

In terms of skincare I have been ABSOLUTELY loving (like so much) this face moisturiser from Simple. This was a recent discovery of mine and I just love it. This moisturiser leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean and also works well under my foundation. I have been using it along side a facial wash from the same brand and my skin has been the best it has ever been. I've also noticed that my face looks and feels smoother, I highly recommend this product. I have also been loving this hand cream by Heathcote & Ivory. It is their 'Vintage Collection, Rose, Nourishing Hand and Nail Cream with Shea Butter'. Now I don't use a hand cream ever, really, but this was brought for me and I cannot describe to you how amazing this smells! That's mostly the only reason why I love it haha. 

Onto the makeup now. I have had this foundation for quite a while and I have loved it the entire time. Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation and also their concealer. Love, love, love. Now this foundation wont be to everyone's taste. It's very vibrant and a little bit sparkly, I happen to like that though as my skin looks quite dull in its natural state and this foundation does exactly as it is named, it gives me the allusion of being more awake haha. The concealer is a love of mine as it is very good for highlighting under the eyes and covers those unwanted dark circles quite well. I have been using these to products in conjunction with this mascara, also from Rimmel. Their Lash Accelerator Endless, in dark brown. This just happens to be a mascara that I like at the moment, no particular reason (wow so descriptive haha).

Accessory wise I have fallen in love with this watch from Lorus. It is exactly what I like when it comes to my taste in fashion. I have been wearing it constantly and by constantly I mean almost everyday haha. It matches with a lot of the clothing/shoes I wear as I am a lover of the tans and browns. I like that it has the leather look band and the gold rimed face, I find it very classy yet laid back at the same time which I look for a lot. Another accessory, or well not accessory are these pastel nail polishes from OXX. These are not the best polishes when it comes to quality but I love the colours. As it is still summer here in Australia these colours are a statement and I have been wearing them all holidays. They are also EXTREAMLY cheap which probably explains the poor quality, however that doesn't bother me too much. They were only $2 each from Kmart. 

Finally my all time favourite from this month by far is this baby blue clock/timer from Typo. Oh my I do love this. I don't actual use it to read the time or time anything haha. It is used as decoration for my desk and it looks so lovely against the other decor in my room. This grabbed my eye for one the colour and two the vintage yet still modern look. It is definitely a feature on my desk and I don't think I'll be getting rid of it very soon. 

J.R xo