The Formal Buzz

By Monday, February 02, 2015

Nearly almost every year twelve student is excited for the formal the first day they start the new year. I happened to be one of them. On our very first assembly the teachers were like "yes we can talk about the formal in a minute" haha. I spent hours exploring the internet, looking for the perfect dress, hairstyle and makeup look. I was very fussy though and changed my mind constantly. My formal has now been and gone and it's nice to look back on the memories of that day/night. The whole thing certainly went faster then I thought and to be honest, spending so much time thinking about it throughout the year was probably a little bit of a waste of my time but I still thoroughly enjoyed the experience I did the very risky thing of buying my dress online though. Ahh. It was made in China but brought and sourced from an Australian online store which made the experience a little less daunting. However, in saying that, the dress came in the wrong colour but perfect fit. In the end the colour of the dress didn't bother me too much as I still looked damn good haha (joke implied). In all honesty though I would have preferred to have tried on and brought a dress in store. Don't even get me started on the prices of some in store formal dresses though. Geez.

The night itself was very unexpected and lovely. The arrivals were AMAZING. I arrived with my date, best friend and her date. Our formal committee had decided on a 1920's theme that looked very stylish. The tables were covered in a black table cloth with black draped chairs and gold decorations. There was a dance floor that our cohort most certainly took advantage of and I happened to notice that when the DJ played Taylor Swift - Shake it Off, everyone got up and danced haha. We continued to dance the entire night away and sadly I even managed to rip the bottom of my dress :( not that i'll ever wear it again though. Then came the after party which to my opinion was a little disappointing but it wasn't the whole point of the night. 

Overall I think that it is an experience that every graduating high school student should experience. Yes it can be very expensive but if you shop as if you're on a budget then things will become cheaper in my opinion haha. Maybe see if there is someone who could do your hair or makeup for cheap or maybe even free if you're super lucky, like myself. My mother did my hair as she is a hairdresser and my friend did my makeup as she is a studying beauty student in return for my mum doing her hair. It was very magical and a fantastic may to end the year with all of my friends. However that was over 2 months ago, its just nice to sit back and write about my experience and share it with you all :) Let me know how your own formal went, even if it was years ago or in 2014 like myself, I'd love to know.

J.R xo
(Photography by Kelty Conning - white dress and photographer there on the night. Hair by Rhonda Jeavons and makeup by Kathleen Buttigieg - pink dress)