Getting Ready for Summer

By Sunday, November 15, 2015

Here in Australia we are currently in the season of Spring, though at the moment it feels exactly like Summer. Its only a few more weeks until Summer officially rolls over so I thought I'd write a quick little post about how I like to get ready for this season.

The biggest change for me and most girls out there is that through winter we get to hide our legs underneath long pants, but as soon as the warmer weather kicks in, it's impossible to head outside in a pair of jeans without melting haha. So yes ladies, we have to shave our legs a lot more often. I like to use any razor really, I just pick up a packet of them at the shops. My biggest tip though is to make sure you moisturize every time after shaving! Something else I like to do before Summer arrives is to buy a new pair of swimmers. I decided this year to go with a floral one piece from Billabong. It was a little pricey but for the brand and the use I would get out of it, I didn't mind too much. Another thing That I like to do, though this might not be for everyone, is to cut my hair a little shorter. When I was around 12-15 years old I rarely cut my hair and it was super long! As I got a little older I built up the courage to cut my hair shorter and now I have it just below shoulder length. If you have long thick hair it really does help to cut it shorter through the warmer months. There's nothing worse then being hot and sweaty with your hair sticking to you haha.

Let me know what season you're in whenever you live, and if you're a fellow Aussie then let me know how you're copping with the heat right now!