Shooting in the Rain and Playing with Baby Powder | Tips & Tricks

By Thursday, November 05, 2015

For those of you entering the photography world I can give you 2 tips. One for shooting in the rain and lower light conditions and another for shooting with things like smoke, baby powder and coloured dust. Just as a disclaimer, I am not a professional photographer and I am slowly learning news techniques myself. Along the way I have learnt these two things that I thought I'd share with you all. Enjoy and do go and try them out. The baby powder shoot was so much fun!

For shooting in the rain I found it best to lower my aperture setting to let in as much light as I could, as rainy weather doesn't provide as much light as it is.  Play around with your settings and after trial and error you'll be able to figure out what aperture setting works best for your lens of choice in the rain. I was working with a 50mm lens and an aperture of 1.8. This gives even lighting to your image, without it being too high in contrast or too dull and dark. These images are edited with a darker filter so keep in mind the originals are much lighter. 

For the baby powder shoot, regardless of the lens you are using, to effectively capture the powder before it falls to the ground, the shutter on your camera needs to be left open for longer. By lowing your shutter speed the camera can capture the powder floating in the air. If your shutter speed was higher this effect would not be achieved. As I said before with the shoot in the rain, it is best to play around with your cameras settings until you find what works best for you and your shooting circumstances. :)