An Introduction

By Saturday, January 31, 2015

I kind of started this blog off on a wim and jumped straight into it. I never really properly introduced myself. You're all most likely thinking 'who is this girl?' Haha. Well to start things off hopefully somewhat correctly, hello! I'm Jen. That's better hey? 

Just to give you a little sneak peak into my world here's a little information. I am at this point in time seventeen years old and have just graduated high school... YAY. I've been accepted into university to study film at the Griffith Film School - Queensland College of Art (what I refer to as big kid school haha) and that is what I plan on doing for the next three years. Studying film is what has inspired me to start writing. I've always loved to do it but never put it as a focus in my life. Now that I'm older I feel like I'm slightly more mature enough to process my thoughts and ideas well enough to turn them into interesting content. I feel like I'm quite creative, which is why I found myself to like film/photography and writing. It also wasn't a sudden find, when I was around 12 years old I found this - what I thought was amazing - macro setting on a little camera I was given and this sparked pretty much the rest of my life so far. From that moment I couldn't put the camera down and I became photography obsessed. I self taught myself how to actually photograph to a amatuer professional level. I was always known at school as the girl who takes really good photos and my film teachers really did take advantage of this. I pretty much became their personal photographer when ever they wanted haha. This stayed with me until the end of year twelve and now through to university. 

In other aspects of my life, I'm the eldest of four children and have been brought up very well. Thank you mum and dad! I'd say that I am very shy and do get anxious quite easily but it's balanced out with my kindness and politeness in some cases. I'm always being told that I'm very lovely, aw you guys. In other cases though sometimes the anxiousness overruns my life and little bursts of anxiety occur but I'll just leave it at that. Life can be tough and it's different for everyone. In saying that though I believe that my life has been amazing so far and I thank the world for it :) 

My favourite colour is blue - that is a must know. Haha. I love sleep, but who doesn't? I have an obsession with the interior design of my bedroom, it's always changing but yet still the same in a way. I can't wait to travel the world but I also can't wait to settle down and start an amazing family. I love mint chocolate, my fav! I love typo stationary. I absolutely love winter/autumn. I love my family. I love the rain. I am in love. 

Maybe a little too much information? I feel like it's just enough. I'm not going too deep and telling you all my darkest secrets, but I'm also not leaving you hanging with just my name and a picture. I'm letting you know the amount of information that most people who know me know. That was a lot of knows haha. I think that's good. I'm connecting with my readers and making myself relatable in some ways. I'd love to know more about you all as well! 

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J.R xo