Embracing Change | Cutting My Hair

By Thursday, January 29, 2015

I have always had long hair. Even when it was cut it was still always considered 'long'. Yet, I've had in my mind for a while now that I want to go shorter. I decided though, to keep it super long for my formal and graduation as I was in the middle of finishing year twelve and the hair style I had in mind required long hair and I didn't want the change just yet. Now I have graduated and have no specific reason to keep it long. So in a quick decision I did it. I cut my hair.

It now sits at about mid way between my shoulders and breasts and to me that's pretty short. I do think that I suit longer hair better becuase of how tall I am but nevertheless I love the change! Like a lot. In fact a lot of things are changing in my life right now and I believe that this personal change to my hair helps signify my transition from high school to university as this is a big change occurring at the moment. I might fit into the university world easier now, with my mature looking short hair and all... Haha, maybe. Long or short I don't think it would make a difference. 

I think change is needed and change is good. In saying that I actually used to dislike change, majorly. I liked the way I did things, the way I looked. I liked familiarity. In this stage of my life though I have no other option but to embrace chnage and deal with it. Learn to like it. I wouldn't say that I'm completely there yet but it's a work in progress. Cutting my hair was the first step. Going to uni is the next. But for now I'm going to stare at my new hair in the mirror for a while and worry about the future sometime tomorrow or the next day haha.

J.R xo