Story Time

By Thursday, January 29, 2015

I love the way words can tell a story. I think it's one of the reasons I was attracted to filmmaking. I love to write but I wouldn't say I'm fabulous at it so I turn my somewhat decent words into moving images. This inspired my short film clip Little Stories (can be viewed on my YouTube channel or in my archive). This video was almost in my eyes a trailer or snippet into the upcoming content that I'd like to show you all. It was a little rough and could have come out better but it's putting the subject out there. Whether it be personal thoughts, stories of love, of passion. Journal entries and notes. Fictional tales I've made up or simple ideas I want to pursue. These are my little stories.

In saying this I have attempted a few times to write fictional stories of my own. I find it fascinating. You allow your mind to lose itself in another world, a world that you created. The impossible can happen and you have the power to control everything. Aspects of your own personal life can be drawn and used to harness the structure of a story or the basis can be constructed simply from the depths of imagination. It's a beautiful concept and I think it should be acknowledge more often. 

Over the years I've kept a collection of stories I've written to provide me with inspiration and ideas for new film/photography projects. As this is the underlying reason for my writing (excluding my blog posts, they a lot more everyday-ish and personal). Some of these stories were written in my early morning wake as I try to recal my dreams from the night before and others have been creations I've written for assignments and essays. All of which I've enjoyed doing - not so much the essays haha. I'd like to share a snippet from a short story I wrote last year. The idea I had in mind for this was very twisted and mysterious, which I happen to take a liking to in novels. Enjoy :)

"Will was frozen, unable to move. He just stared into the the thick black darkness that only a moment ago had taken Louise. He needed to run, run for his life but he couldn't, he was stuck. The smoke began to creep up on him, floating at his feet. The air was thick and his skin began to burn at the touch of the embers dancing in the air. He snapped back to reality and ran. The world seemed to almost move in slow motion, little flakes of ash were falling around him, the buildings blurred as he sprinted past them. Will saw the doors of the safe house ahead of him, praying that wouldn't be locked he grabbed the handles and swing the doors open with a creak. Just for a moment though he thought of not stepping through the threshold of the building, of standing and facing the fire, of joining Louise. He didn't. He stepped though and slammed the doors behind him just as the smoke collided with the walls of the building and consumed everything around it. Wills feet fell from underneath him and he collapsed against the cold stone wall. Will thought of the nightmare that had been harrasing him in his sleep; he remembered the feeling he has of being completely alone; this feeling began to rise in the pit of his stomach. Louise was dead. The fire has taken her from his grasp right before his eyes, leaving him with nothing except for the darkness that trailed behind it. A world of rubble and dust was all that remained. Rubble, dust and Will."  

J. R xo