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By Thursday, January 29, 2015

In my 17 years so far I feel like for the most part I've done a fair bit of traveling (all within the same country if I might add). In September of 2013 I flew to Sydney for a week with all of my best friends for an exciting dance trip. In the little pockets of time we got to spend actually being a tourist in between dance workshops, it was great. I mean I got to see an actual opera at the Sydney Opera House, that to me was pretty exciting. This little trip and others I have taken have been amazing and have given me a small taste of travel and what different parts of Australia have to offer. I'd like to one day leave my home country and adventure to other places of the world. Experience their culture, their food and their everyday ways of life. For now though, I have three years of study ahead of me, however the second that's over I'm going to branch out and enjoy the world we live in. Well I'd at least like to hope that it will happen. Fingers crossed I say.

I've had a dream ever since I decided I wanted to be a filmmaker and that was to make a film of any sort in every country I visit. Firstly, because its a passion of mine and secondly so I could share my experiences with the rest of the world and hopefully urge them to do a bit of traveling themselves. I want to share. Share the world that I am yet to see with others who are yet to see it as well. Film & Travel. I look forward to the days ahead and I hope you all do too :)

J.R xo



  1. love the idea of making a film in every country, i always try to take as many photos/videos i can when i visit different places :)

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

    1. It is a great idea :) A lovely way to share and create memories.