Gradual Interior Decorating

By Saturday, January 31, 2015

I love to decorate my bedroom. It's where I spend a lot of my time so why shouldn't it be a place I find appealing, to my taste and welcoming? It's hard though. Especially when you're only young, on a budget and studying, like myself. I found that what I wanted to create in my room took place through a very long and gradual process and it still isn't to a point where I'd like it to be. I'm still very happy with it though. I seemed to buy bits and bobs from all different places at all different times which made it hard to keep an ongoing theme. Yet I tried my best.

It's also hard when you're still living at home and your bedroom consists of the furniture you were given as a child haha but I guess that's just something to either ignore or work with. I decided to work with it. I attempted to balance out the orange wood furniture by bringing in a lot of white which drew away from the wood and created an affect of lightness. I then added some black to give a bit of class to the room and then slight pops of colour here and there to reduce the blandness.

I also found it very fun to do a little DIY here and there to add my own personal touch. I really did use a lot of white paint in this process by the way. One project I did was a white cork board with photos. The cork board was originally brown so I painted both the boarder and cork white and then printed out several photographs that complemented each other and pined them with gold thumb tacks (I was considering painting them white too but the gold added a sleek effect). 

Another little DIY I did was the Audrey Hepburn framed photo (seen in the image above) This frame was again painted white and the original photograph was replaced with this one of the stunning Audrey Hepburn. I then sat it against the wall rather then hanging it up as it looked nice on top of the books and behind the candle and jar. 

Plants are also a must in my room. It gives life to the surroundings and also gives a sense of responsibility. Having to water it and make sure it doesn't die is a responsibility in itself. I was lucky enough to have been given a bonsai tree for Christmas which I might add was already half dead because the person who brought it for me had been looking after it for two weeks before hand and let's just say they gave me a Christmas present that turned into a huge task haha. Slowly though, it has finally come back to life. Another favourite of mine are little succulents. They are an absolute breeze to look after and are very cute. I love them. 

I also love my photos so of course some little homemade polaroids would feature somewhere. 

This is just a little snippet into my interior style, which is still growing and changing but it gives an overall gist. I look forward to the future where I can have an entire house to decorate! Oh my that would be extremely fun. 

J.R xo